Sarah Bucklew

Hacked by the FBI on the Nextdoor App

Police Body Cam Video of Officer Matt St Clair (GarlandPD) Illegally, Involuntarily Committing Me on 5/1/2018

Police Body Cam Video of Officer Matt St Clair Illegally, Involuntarily Committing Me on 5/1/2018

You can watch the police body cam video of Officer Matt St Clair from Garland Police Dept coming to my house in Sachse, and illegally, without-jurisdiction, without-a-warrant or cause, illegally put me into handcuffs, stating he is putting me into protective custody.

Protective custody in this case, he is referring to is literally organized crime across several law enforcement agencies in the Dallas area in which we live.

Protective Custody: the detention of a person for their own protection.

"has reason to believe and does believe that the risk of harm is imminent unless the ward is immediately restrained"

You can witness first hand by this video, dirty cops operating in complete, planned, premeditated, organized crime against my family in Sachse, and all just to cover the organized crime by several corrupt members of the FBI who have been illegally hacking me, every second of the day, since they hacked me with the FBI stingray, using the Garland Police Car (Lic Plate DKY-1559) on Saturday, June 24, 2017, to hack my house in Sachse, and for which I have BEEN HACKED EVER SINCE.

Certain FBI Agents, Nextdoor & 5/1/18 Body Cam Video

Hi Jamestown, New York, Florida, and Houston FBI Agents who are reading this new information posted on the top of this page, for the first time today, 1/19/19. See, by your own actions, I know this page of my website concerns some of you the most. This page holds so much evidence if seen by the right person. I am assuming you are pissed I added a link to the Garland Body Cam video from May 1, 2018, to this page (Hacked by FBI Agents on the Nextdoor App).

Instead, what you should be concerned about? IS GOING TO FEDERAL PRISON AND KEEPING YOUR IP'S OFF MY WEBSITE FROM HERE UNTIL THAT TIME INEVITEBLY COMES. EACH TIME YOUR IP HITS MY WEBSITE, WHETHER IT IS A VISIT OR A HACK? EITHER WAY, I UNDOUBTEDLY KNOW IT IS YALL, IT IS EVIDENCE THAT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU WHEN YOU GET PROSECUTED. I know it is yall whether you come from a residential Comcast internet account or a AT&T Wireless, and I have come to believe some of those AT&T wireless devices you guys are using on my website appear to be FBI issued, too. And they may hold some clue, but they are not as powerful or dangerous as the FBI Issued Verizon Wireless mobile devices you have been hacking me with. Those FBI Issed Verizonn Wireless mobile devices are the only things that give you the ability to hack everything i own, and cause my kids to suffer and go without. Yet, you stupid people keep coming to my website like I don't know EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE....

My family, my children, our things are out the street on Tuesday. I have no money to move my family, our property, our possessions, to rent a place to live, no money to buy a house, no money to get a storage spot, because of several corrupt members of the FBI maliciously ensuring I would have no money, no income, no savings from your hard work you invested in illegally hacking everything I own in a combined collaborative effort, aka organized crime from the FBI, from around the United States since June 2017. We are so broke I could not afford a second Christmas for my precious family! And there was nothing I could do about it. We are so broke we cannot afford to go the doctor when we are sick. Pain and suffering part of this organized crime, aka claim, increasing by the millions each time one of gets sick. Which is an ongoing problem right now, because we all get sick then since we cannot go to the doctor. My 5 year-old started Kindergarden this year and he had always been home with me before this year, so he is getting sick every week from the germs at his school. If one of us gets sick, we all get sick. I am sick right now and I wish I could promise each of I promise you regret this.

This pain and suffering part of the claim, increases millions, because we cannot go to the freaking doctor. My family lost our medical insurance because of your illegal, malicious, organized crime against my family since June 2017, from the Goddamn FBI. And that fact infuriates me the absolute most, the only reason any of you had the ability to hack my intellectual property, in a way, that is unprecidented, and thus destroy everything I own? And prevent me from properly taking care of my children? Was because the FBI gave you FBI issued Verizon Wireless mobile devices? Omg, like why? How did that happen? Like OMG. What the F** is wrong with the FBI?

They (the officials in the FBI/DOJ) give random riff-raff extremely powerful technology with little or no supervision.... and those devices are what has been used to destroy my life?

My family looses literally everything on Tuesday 1/22/19, including my parents house, and you stupid fucks keep coming to my website.... in particular, this page! It does not matter the insight you think you gain by reading something on this page in order to respond to my reply to you last night on Reddit.

YOU SPEND MORE TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON EVERY TIME YOUR IP IS RECORDED ON THE LOGS OF MY WEBSITE and so does people such as Jim & Bonnie Cox. Why? Why do you guys want more time in Federal Prison?

Not only is it residential internet account IP's that I know is yall, or AT&T, T-mobile or any other internet or network, I ALWAYS know it is yall. Do you guys get that? Plus, each time one of the thousands of IP's you are using to hack me from, each time they hit my website, THE LONGER TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON YOU BE SENTENCED TO. Do you guys not get that? Thousands and thoudands of IP addresses a day. For example, OVH Hosting,

And in case this has not been made clear here, I know why you are coming to read this page, at the times this is occurring, multiple people from around the Country are planning what to say to me on in response to my comment to you last night. and when you do come uo with a plan of organized crime? You respond to my comment on Reddit. I am sure you already did this today. I can tell because you stopped coming here in a collaborative effort. Therefore, if i were to login to Reddit right now, I betcha, you already posted a response and that is why you were collaborating about information contained on this page. The guy with a Reddit profile, who had a 5-hour old Reddit profile last night when he confessed, he was the one hacking me from to "freak' me out and get me to stop posting the evidenc eof the FBI hacking me on Reddit.

Hacking was criminalised in 1990 by the Computer Misuse Act (the Act). ... unauthorised access to a computer with intent to commit further offences. unauthorised access with the intent to impair the operation of a computer or to erase, block or corrupt data or programs.

Based on the ELC's recommendations, a private member's bill was introduced by Conservative MP Michael Colvin. The bill, supported by the government, came into effect in 1990. Sections 1-3 of the Act introduced three criminal offences:

  • unauthorised access to computer material, punishable by 12 months' imprisonment (or 6 months in Scotland) and/or a fine "not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale" (since 2015, unlimited)

Hacked on the Nextdoor App by the FBI

Unfortunately for me, my experience on the Nextdoor App was not that innocent. As I met several corrupt members of the FBI who had set a trap for me, then baited that trap and laid in wait for me. One of my hackers (FBI) was stationed in the Garland Police car (DKY-1559) on both June 19 and June 24, 2017, which was parked on the side of the road, at a four-way stop sign directly between mine a LWH house in the Woodbridge neighborhood in Sachse as we had the most ignorant, undeducated, unintelligible conversation across the Nextdoor App. This "chat" took place underneath LWH's post on Nextdoor about our businesses and each word was a slanderious lie. This was a premeditated, planned-for-months, conspiracy to commit organzied crime against my family by several corrupt members of the FBI. It is sad.

Hacked on Nextdoor by the FBI

I had quite an eye awakening experience during my time on the Nextdoor App. We had several home-improvement businesses in our neighboorhood and advertised them across several cities in the Metroplex. The Nextdoor App was the tool used by the several corrupt members of the FBI to trap me, hack me and set a series of events into motion over the summer of 2017, that are so unthinkable it is difficult to believe anyone would do what was done to my innocent little family, let alone several members of the FBI.

These several corrupt members of the FBI who had knowledge of or particpated in these crimes, along with the dirty police officers, and the publically elected officials across Sachse and Garland get Federally prosecuted for their particpation in organized crime against me family since June 2017.

Hacked by the FBI on the Nextdoor App in June 2017

Turns out I was hacked by the FBI on the Nextdoor App using the Garland Police car (DKY-1559) on both 6/19/17 and 6/24/17. Both of the police reports I filed on those days regarding getting hacked at Sachse Police Dept have been deleted. The only thing I have to prove this occured is the pictures of the Garland Police car (DKY-1559) I took of it on 6/24/17, when I went driving around looking for the hacker and found him!

It is still hard to believe anyone would do to anyone what was done to us and my family, let alone several members of the FBI. It is truly astonishing to take the entire story and all the circumstances involved. The thought of it makes me cringe.

#1 Home-Improvement Businesses in Sachse

We had several home improvement businesses in the Metroplex and ran those businesses out of our house in Sachse, TX. Sachse was our favorite area to work in and we advertised in Sachse on social media. Mostly due to myself being a web developer, these home improvement businesses were #1 in Sachse. #1 on Google for several years. Evidently, several members of the FBI had a problem with our businesses and set out to destroy our lives with their FBI technology illegally used on me using the Garland Police car on both 6/19/17 and 6/24/17. For which both of my police reports at Sachse Police Dept have been deleted.

The last job Chris completed was a backyard remodel in the video above. His customer (Stephanie French) made this video for Chris because she literally loved her backyard remodel so much.

Set-up & Entrapped by FBI

At end of May, LWH (who also lives in Woodbridge in Sachse) requested a backyard patio extension on the patio in her backyard and hired Chris. So the video above was the backyard remodel he compeleted right before LWH. Stephanie French, who also lives in the Woodbridge neighborhood of in Sachse. Remodeling job began on June 1, 2017, and was a patio extension. On June 7, 2017, as the concrete truck (Redi-Mix) was on the way to pour the cocrete to her patio extension in her backyard, Chris was abruptly fired from the job and told to get him and his worker(s) off LWH property. So of course her backyard patio extension was not completed by him.

Elderly Backyard Remodeling Theft

For which he was charged with "Elderly Backyard Remodeling Theft" and falsely arrested on November 29, 2017 by SachsePD (F-1748044). The false, entrapped criminal charges were no-billed in February 2018. This was and still is false, entraped criminal charges. Filed as a Felony, a false arrest, organized crime because this was straight "Entrapment" by every police agency involved. So much of these crimes had been pre-planned and premeditated for months. Two women hired Chris and both were set-ups, one in Josephine, TX and LWH in Woodbridge in Sachse. Only the second job went as-planned and Chris fell directly into the Entrappment as he was hired for a backyard patio extension on may 31, 2017, and fired as the Redi-Mix concrete truck was on the way on June 7, 2017.

FBI Nextdoor Posts

On June 7, 2017, the same happy customer (lives in Woodbridge Neighborhood of Sachse, TX) who made the video (above) texted Chris and stated there was a post going around on the Nextdoor App about our local, home-improvement businesses. Which was telling everyone not to use our services by slandering and libelling us to an insane (law-suit worthy) degree. I immediately logged into the Nextdoor App and jumped into defending our company. So did she (our customer, Stephanie French) who had just informed me of the post, she also jumped in and spent at least one entire day trying to reason with unreasonable criminals with nefarious motives.

I assumed I would be able to remedy the situation when I logged in. Except I wasn't dealing with real people. They were not real, actual homeowners, our actual customers. Reasonable, real, honest people. This was a premeditated (planned for months) trick and I fell for it, face-first, as they (several members of the FBI) were threatening the livlihood of my family, children and our entire lives.

"They" (meaning several members of the FBI hacking me) needed me to login and engage in the chat on the Nextdoor App in order to implement the hack across everything I own. So they baited me, as you can clearly see for yourself by the comments from some of these chats below. They even called Chris a sex-offender? Now that is what several corrupt members of the FBI - call bait. And boy, it worked! Before I even logged in I am certian the Garland Police car (DKY-1559) was parked at the exact half-way point in between mine and LWH's house on both 6/19/17 and 6/24/17.

Detective Mike Hunter from Sachse Police Department in Garland Police car Detective Mike Hunter from Sachse Police Department in Garland Police car

And there are no words to describe what occured next.

Of course, I had no idea I was walking into a trap that had been planned for many, many months by several members of the FBI, my own city (City of Sachse) and at least these four hackers, possibly more.

FBI Nextdoor Chat

I was baited into chatting back and forth between several people on Nextdoor who were involved in hacking me, but it was memebrs of the FBI. It was the "chat" with them that hacked me. I had no idea I was walking into straight organized crime and the most sophisticated hack possible. I was origionally hacked through my cell phone and every device in my house made an audible syncing sound, but origionally they controlled me and this hack through my cell phone. Due to this fact, I had to get rid of my cell phone in October 2017.

FBI Using Microsoft Azure

When I engaged in a chat on the Nextdoor App with them (several corrupt members of the FBI) and it hacked my Windows Machines, which I believe was occuring with Nextdoor, Microsoft Azure and my home WIFI. However, it was probably involving all of the cloud web services that were hacking me such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google iCloud, Apple.

Slanderous Lies by FBI Fake Profiles

Every single post below is a flat-out, slanderous lie that was pre-planned by several corrupt members of the FBI for this organized crime against my family! This plan was executed in June 2017 and the only reason for this? Was to bait me in a chat just to hack me.

FBI, John Proffer - sex offender record FBI fake profile Randall Lawrence - East Side of Wylie FBI fake profile Ray Norris, Shollack FBI fake profile Randall Lawrence - East Side of Wylie FBI fake profile Jason Stewart - East Side of Wylie FBI fake profile Jason Stewart - East Side of Wylie, threatening young children FBI, John Proffer, Nextdoor LEAD - East Side of Wylie

What the heck is an illegal patio extension? Like illegally? Meaning criminally prosecutable, illegally?
Wow, thanks my FBI hackers! As in against the law? Wow. The FBI...oh my goodness.

This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the United States of America? The literal FBI of the United States?

FBI,Lawrence Randall on Nextdoor - East Side of Wylie - where he tells me I am not the Deed holder to my house

This would be where the FBI using fake aliases told me I am not the Deed holder to my own house, which I 100% was the Deed holder to my home.
I don't look like a bank...? Wow.

Despite wishful thinking, the FBI knowing before this conversation that the Deed was transferred in 2014 from my parents names to the Bank of New York Mellon, took preperation and research long before this "chat" on the Nextdoor App. Even though the FBI person using a fake alias is mistaken/lying about this information, this proves premeditation for which all parties involved, especially the members of the FBI get prosecuted for. And at the time of this chat on Nextdoor, the Deed to my house was solely in my name.

FBI, John proffer Private message to me - East Side of Wylie

Oh my gosh, this is a complete lie!
This is premeditated, organized crime by several members of the FBI.

I Cannot Reach the Nextdoor App Over Facebook or Email

As you can see I was never able to reach the Nextdoor App for help or support. Only due to this intense, intricate, sophisticated, illegal FBI hack...

June 19, 2017 Nextdoor Chat June 19, 2017 Nextdoor Chat 2 June 19, 2017 Nextdoor Chat 3

I Still Cannot Login to the Nextdoor App Over a Year Later

I still cannot login to my Nextdoor account that was hijacked by several members of the FBI (illegally), John Proffer, Charlie Ross, Ted Kinzer and Jeff Cox. This is illegal organized crime orchestrated by several corrupt members of the FBI. No wonder I could never shake this hacker(s)! No wonder I cannot login! Not what the FBI is for Gentlemen!!

Neighborhood Leads

John Proffer - sex offender record

One of my hackers, John Proffer is a Neighborhood Lead on the Nextdoor App. He was harassing me on the Nextdoor App, slandering and libeling our 5 local businesses, also while hacking me. Hacking me was the whole purpose of it all. He is also hacking the Nextdoor App public API. Being a Lead and hacking the the publicly available API? Nextdoor's API? And the several members of the FBI using FBI technology on me since June 2017, illegally.

hacked by FBI on Nextdoor App

People Involved

John Proffer who lives in Wylie, TX, and is also a Neigboorhood Lead on the Nextdoor App in Wylie East neighborhood. Charlie Ross a City Council member in my small town. Jeff Cox who lives in Arizona and Sachse/Wylie, he is the co-founder of a company called Teqnavi. Ted Kinzer who owns Teqnavi. FBI Washington, DC, iPhone hacking me from Washington, DC FBI

Proximity Hacked At My House by the FBI

The sophistication of the hack involved the Garland Police car (DKY-1559) strategically placed between mine and LWH house. The destination of the hack and what was used as the "Gateway" was my cell phone and at the moment I was hacked my cell phone, multiple computers and every other device in my house made an audible syncing sound. The spohoistication of this hack invovles FBI technology and several online cloud accounts: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google iCloud, Apple.

This hack also involves several software developers, possbly even more than just these four. The software developers John Proffer, Charlie Ross, Ted Kinzer and Jim Cox set a trap for me on the Nextdoor App and then laid in wait for me. What he did to me after that took months and months planning. He wrote custom software sometimes nightly in order to accomplish what he was trying to accomplish, which is stealing from my family.

FBI Fake Profiles on Nextdoor

In order to have a fake profile on Nextdoor? Or to act as if you are the "Homeowner"/impersonate a homeowner on the Nextdoor app? You would need to steal the mail being mailed to that homeowner verifying their address via a Nextdoor post card. This is literally what they (FBI) has been illegally doing for well-over-a-year-now.

Every person "harassing" me on Nextdoor during this ordeal, was either a FBI fake profile; or was just "in" on the organized plot maliciously meant to destroy the entire life of my family. The organized crime plot with a ring-leader a member of the FBI for which involves a lot of people.

FBI Stealing Mail from the Garland Post Office

In order to be a bunch of fake profiles on the Nextdoor App? You would have to steal the mail being mailed from the Nextdoor App to the homeowners who register for a new Nextdoor Account on the Nextdoor App. As the Nextdoor App does this to verify that person, who registered for an account on the Nextdoor App is the owner, or at the very least, actually lives at the house. Ironically, I have been alleging "they" (members of the FBI) have been stealing my mail for well-over a year now. I have reason to believe they were stealing my mail before they even hacked me in June 2017.

This is confirmation that the FBI stole my mail and is stealing tons of people's mail (at least in Sachse & Wylie, TX), which would be illegal.

Hacked by the FBI on the Nextdoor App


I have been engaged (against my will) conversating with at least one of the corrupt members of the FBI on Reddit. I posted on Reddit some of the evidence of the FBI hacking me in hopes of catching the attention of the REAL FBI to help me.

I posted the evidence of West Point (the Military School) hacking my website. I chose to post the entires from my visitor logs of the West Point (military school) hacking me.

The screenshot of the comment to my post below is from one excerpt of comments to me today (12/14/18) of this guy (FBI) using a fake profile on Reddit. With the information contained in his comment to me, he is acknowledging, the fact that he is indeed one of the several corrupt members of the FBI who is hacking me. Prior to this comment, he only kept trying to hide this fact and denying it, despite me accusing him of being a one of the members of the FBI hacking from me everytime we exchanged a comment. He commented and I replied. With these dudes, I always wanted and strove to have the last word. And I did.

Please note, at no point did I mention my pool to the FBI at any point in time, ever. Not on Reddit, not in any of meetings in-person, or on the phone, never.

Reddit, West Point, Mississippi
Reddit, West Point, Mississippi

"Uh-huh. Let it all out.. tell me more.. FBI wants your pool, huh? Absolutely none of this has to do with you being a vile, repugnant person harassing and attacking people, constantly making extremely bad decisions (e.g., or having a low IQ. It's all about that dang POOL! That pool must be gold plated. The whole US government wants your house and that POOL! WHY DO YOU DENY PEOPLE THE POOL?!?"

As you can see, he (one of the corrupt members of the FBI hacking me) is blantantly admitting several corrupt members of the FBI have been hacking me since getting hacked in June 2017 using the Garland Police car (DKY-1559), he is willfully admitting these several corrupt members of the FBI have deliberately tried to steal from my children, even robbing them of a second Christmas this year. Then he sums up in one fowl statement, the reason's he is justifying this illegal, organized crime against my family (by several corrupt members of the FBI, illegaly) is because I am a vile, repugnant person.... He also posts a link to a video that happened over ten years ago and has no meaning or merit to this situation by any stretch of the imagination. It is not even worth mentioning. Apparently, the corrupt member of the FBI is under the mistaken belief he can engage in illegal, organized crime against my family? Due to his knowledge of that video from 2009. Seriously?

You guys tried to set me up as an ISIS Terrorist? Wtf

You think you guys can engage in organized crime against my family and my three children, because you have knowledge of that video?
The video from 2009?

How would that video give you permission to steal from my three children?

How would that video give you permission (as several members of the FBI) to engage in organized crime stealing from my family and causing my children to go without? To go without for over a year now? To go without two Christmas's?

Why would the FBI ever think that?

That I am a vile, repugnant person (& video) is why he (and the other several corrupt members of the FBI) can commit organized crime against my family and steal from my three children? So much so, even stealing a second Christmas this year? Like wow. He just basically admitted the several corrupt members of the FBI are hacking me (since June 2017) for literally no reason at all, and then admitting it, justifying it, and in writing, on Reddit? Alrighty. Great, sir. Knew this. Thanks for finally admitting it.

I cannot post the link to the Reddit post, because the hackers will hack my Reddit account that way, which is someting I cannot risk. However, you can find the conversations, or this specific part under my post "Hacked by FBI (illegally) since June 2017 & Today I got hacked from Westpoint! Trying to catch the attention of the real FBI!!".

The post was is posted in West Point, Mississippi, it was posted by me on 12/6/18, and my username is u/sarahbucklewblog.

Fake Reddit Profile "G1MM1CK3R"

The comment below is a reply to my comment to a Gentleman who lived in Florida. In general conversation, I mentioned I lived near Dallas, TX. And after I replied to that man, the "hacker" with this fake profile felt compelled to correct me to a complete stranger in Florida. Correcting me that I do not live near Dallas, TX, that i literally live in Sachse, TX.

Reddit fake profile telling a guy in Florida I do not live in Dallas, she lives in Sachse

Shortly after his comment below, the hacker, same fake profile, posted my home address on Reddit. Which is certainly his perrogative. He is the one who is in the FBI, yet, pretening he is not. He was also pretending he was a female. That dude, aint no female. Not even close. I wonder if the FBI taught him how to be a fake profile? Or taught him how to be a female profile online? Because that guy sucks at pretending to not be FBI or a female. Sir, give up being a fake profile!! YOU ARE FBI!! And you are not only FBI, you are a corrupt member of the FBI, who is also hacking me. But really good cover, dude, not.

Can anyone see why the FBI sucks? Omg! Why would the FBI suck, ever? What the hell?


I have been advised to add a Disclaimer to each page to reiterate why I am including possibly questionable information in my blog articles on this subject, (possibly involving US National Security, as is my intent).

Hacked Through Microsoft Azure Hacked Through Amazon Web Services GlovCloud

These names (64 total) were planted on one of my business Facebook pages, planted here by these several corrupt members of the FBI and several dirty cops from the Sachse Police Dept between June 2017 - February 28, 2018 (when I discovered this on February 28, 2018): Rishi Roy Md.Mobarak Hossain Mobin, Jamal Mir, Golper Ses Nayok, Khokon Gazi, Golper Ses Nayok, মোঃইলিয়াস হাসান, অন্য রকম টিটু, অনার্স ২য় বর্ষ, Progress Sagor, Gopi Kanto Sarkar MD Mejanur, Kunal Choudhary, আব্দুল্লাহ হোসেন, Kairul Eshlam H.D. Babu, Works at Student Life, Md Alim, Md.Mobarak Hossain Mobin.

The preceeding 64 names planted on my Facebook page is the reason I thought they were using FBI Counterterrorism technology on me since getting hacked by the Garland Police car (Lic: DKY-1559) on June 19 and June 24, 2017. That and "G", Sachse City Attorney's Notice #1 duct taped to my front door was another huge clue to the ISIS mystery.

Please note, I am not an ISIS Sympathizer or a Terrorist. I hate all Terrorist efforts period. I am a Christian, a Conservative Republican, and I voted for Donald Trump in November 2016. I think Trump is the best President the US has ever had. I am also a parent to three beautiful children, a homeowner and a Taxpayer. And forgive me, but I am not going to go down for whatever these several corrupt members of the FBI plan to do to me after setting me up as a Terrorist, for which I can only spectulate and demise from the electronic evidence (electronic footprint) they leave me every single day, even as I write all of this.

If several corrupt members of the FBI are setting me up as a Terrorist? Then that cannot be for me to have a good, long, happy, fulfilled life, right? (Despite what Bryan Sylvester, Chief of Police at SachsePD stated to me, in person, on March 12, 2018, liar! And for which he gets Federally prosecuted for...) I love my three children too much to ignore that I am being hacked and set up as an ISIS Terrorist by several corrupt members of the FBI and the corrupt members of the Sachse Police Dept.

A side message to anyone who thinks I should be going about my life as normal, so much so, even obtaining a minimum wage paying job (instead of my hourly rate of $55/hour) and ignoring the several members of the FBI who are hacking me and setting me up as a ISIS Terrorist since June 2017. My message for those people is this: Do you really think I should let the several corrupt members of the FBI set me up as an ISIS Terrorist, ignore them and pretend it is not happening?

This situation will go down in US history and if you don't understand why this is such an important subject that I must tell every single person I possibly can in hopes of getting help from the FBI? Then, I get it, you don't understand Intellectual Property. So, if that is you? Would you ignore it if you found evidence of someone setting you up as a Terrorist by spray painting the front of your house with ISIS propaganda on a regular basis? So you call the police and later find out (after it keeps happening) it is actually several corrupt members of your own police dept setting you up? Planting that evidence against you, at your own house? Putting your children in danger? That is the only way I know how to convey what the several members of the FBI are illegally doing to me on my Intellectual Property (and also at my house), which I own and is how I earn income to support my family.

Would you ignore it if several, corrupt members of your cities police department (if your city had corrupt police, hopefully your city has none) snuck inside your house while you and your family were gone and planted ISIS propaganda in hidden spots inside your home? Would you come back home with your young children after knowing they did this and simply ignore this fact? Allow this to continue to happen? Obviously, all this work for several members FBI risking Federal Jail time? All that is not being done at your house, putting your family at risk, for several corrupt members of the FBI.

Please be advised: You will find out that that this story is 100% true, especially those members of my family. As this story goes down in history (hopefully) on Dateline, 48 Hours, 20/20, but, at least, for certain, at the FBI. My name will be a household name at the FBI for all of history! This story and its entirety will be included in FBI text books forever.

Would you allow your cities police department to spray paint ISIS propaganda on the front of your house, at least 64 seperate times in hopes you are shot and killed as an ISIS Terrorist, even though you are not one? And please note, painting ISIS propoganda on the front of your house would not impede your ability to earn income. However, in my case, it is not my house they are painting the lies on, it is on my Intellectual Property which I own and, it serves as my resume and how I earn income, in other words, my livelihood. It would also be illegal, organized crime for which everyone with knowledge of these crimes? Goes to Federal Prison for.

With all this said, the FBI National call center, where all FBI tips and complaints are routed to, manned by US Civilians, located in Virginia, (it is my opinion) must be done away with as it is promoting organized crime by several members of the FBI and thus across the US. It is my opinion, based on my evidence and experience with the FBI and National Call Center, this is the reason these crimes (organized crime by several members of the FBI) have been possible.

FBI Verizon Wireless cell phone Bossier City, LA, district of columbia

12/1/2018, FBI Verizon Wireless Cell Phone registered to Washington, DC


FBI Hacking me from Westpoint Military school in Mississippi


US House of Reps in Washington, DC

12/7/2018 @11:56am (Central Timezone), IP Address: - U.S. House of Representatives Rockville, Maryland (Washington, DC)


 in Washington, DC

12/7/2018 @12:08pm (Central Timezone), IP Address: / - Library of Congress in Washington, DC


US House of Reps in Washington, DC

12/7/2018 @2:19Pm (Central Timezone), IP Address: - U.S. House of Representatives Rockville, Maryland (Washington, DC)


On all IP abuse reports I am now including the Federal Preservation Law. Please preserve ALL electronic data associated with this IP hacking me in accordance with the Federal Preservation Law.


This is just the FBI ISSUED Verizon Wireless Mobile phones involved in hacking me just from November & December 2018. This is just from November & December 2018. These members of the FBI came to my website in a combined, collaborative effort to hack my website and this organized crime. As several people went in the background re-configuring my server, or attempting to. / (Nashville, Tennessee/Washington, DC) / (Chaska, Minnesota/Washington, DC) / (Chaska, Minnesota/Washington, DC) / (New Jersey/Washington, DC) / (Indianapolis, Indiana/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Newark, NJ) / (Ballston Lake, New York/Syracuse, New York) / (Lebanon, Pennsylvania/Ashburn, VA) / (Richardson, TX/Washington, DC) / (Austin, TX/Washington, DC) / (Antioch, Tenessee/Washington, DC) / (Leesburg, VA/Chicago, Illinois) / (Hinesville, Georgia/Foreman, Arkansas) / (Houston, TX/Washington, DC) / (Austin, TX/Washington, DC)) / (Seattle, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Plano, TX/Washington, DC) / (Mesquite, TX/Washington, DC) / (Mckinney, TX/Washington, DC) / (Savannah, Georgia/Washington, DC) / (New Orleans, Louisiana/Washington, DC) / (Lincoln, Nebraska/Washington, DC) / (Atlanta, GA/New York, NY) / (Houston, TX/Ashburn, VA) / (Lincoln, Nebraska/Washington, DC) / (Bronx, NY/Washington, DC) / (Pittsburgh, PA/Ashburn, VA) / (Arlington Heights, Illinois/Asburn, VA) / (Chicago, Illinois, Washington, DC) / (Charleston, Illinois/Pittsburg, Kansas) / (Rockhill, South Carolina/Ashburn, VA) / (Chatanooga, TN/Newark, NJ) / (Cincinnati, Ohio/Washington, DC) / (Burke, VA/Washington, DC) / (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/Washington, DC) / (Springfield, New Jersey/Ashburn, VA) / (Somerdale, New Jersey/Washington, DC) / (Milwaukee, Wisconsin/La Crosse, Wisconsin) / (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania/Newark, NJ) / (Montclair, New Jersey/Washington, DC) / (Mason, Illinois/Pittsburg, Kansas) / (Goldsboro, North Carolina/Jackson, Mississippi) / (Houston, TX/St Louis, Missouri) / (Little Elm, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Plano, TX/Washington, DC) / (Mount Pleasant, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Ashburn, VA) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Ft Worth, TX//Washington, DC) / (Tyler, TX/Washington, DC) / (Austin, TX/Washington, DC) / (Tyler, TX/Ashburn, VA) / (Irving, TX/Washington, DC) / (Madera, CA/Ashburn, VA) / (Grapevine, TX Washington, DC) / (Baltimore, Maryland/Washington, DC) / (Jamestown, NY/Fayetteville, North Carolina) / (Los Angeles, CA/Los Angeles, CA) / (Pensacola, FL/Washington, DC) / (Albuquerque, New Mexico/Las Vegas, Nevada) / (Annapolis, Maryland/Washington, DC) / (Kalamazoo, Michigan/Asbhurn, VA) / (Taunton, Massachusetts/Washington, DC) / (Palo Alto, Calornia/Washington, DC) / (Beaver Island, Michigan/Washington, DC) / (Spokane, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Columbus, Mississippi/Washington, DC) / (Memphis, Tennessee/Washington, DC) / (Orlando, Florida/Washington, DC) / (Houston, TX/Las Vegas, NV) / (Houston, TX/Las Vegas, NV) / (Federal Way, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Federal Way, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Asheville, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Bothell, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Fredericksburg, Virginia/New York, New York) / (Cleveland, Tennessee/Washington, DC) / (Virginia Beach, Virginia/Washington, DC) / (Edmond, Oklahoma/Ashburn, VA) / (Raliegh, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Ashburn, VA) / (Bedford, Ohio/Washington, DC) / (Seattle, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Urbandale, Iowa/Washington, DC) / (Mesquite, Texas/Washington, DC) / (Garland, Texas/Washington, DC) / (Charlotte, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Hartsville, South Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Murfreesboro, Tennessee/Washington, DC) / (Murfreesboro, Tennessee/Washington, DC) / (Dayton, Tennessee/Ashburn, VA) / (Charlotte, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Clayton, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Lookout Mountain, Georgia/Washington, DC) / (Charlotte, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Los Angeles, CA/Washington, DC) / (Euless, CA/Washington, DC) / (Mesquite, Texas/Washington, DC) / (San Antonio, Texas/Washington, DC) / (Austin, Texas/Washington, DC) / (Metairie, Louisiana/Ashburn, VA) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (McKinney, TX/Washington, DC) / (McKinney, TX/Washington, DC) / (McKinney, TX/Washington, DC) / (Colleyville, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Plano, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Bedford, TX/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Garland, TX/Washington, DC) / (Portland, Oregon/Washington, DC) / (Seattle, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Mount Pleasant, North Carolina/Washington, DC) / (Seattle, Washington/Washington, DC) / (Dallas, TX/Washington, DC) / (Belton, Texas/Ashburn, VA) / (McKinney, TX/Washington, DC) / (Silver Spring, Maryland/Washington, DC) / (Converse, Texas/Washington, DC) / (Walnut Creek, California/Chicago, Illinois) / (Omaha, Nebraska/Washington, DC) / (Portland, Oregon/Ashburn, VA) / (Woodside, New York/Washington, DC) / (Jacksonville, Arkansas/Indianapolis, Indiana) / (Mayo, Florida/Indianapolis, Indiana) / (Ocala, Florida/Indianapolis, Indiana) / (Melrose, Florida/Newark, New Jersey)


The following excerpt is taken from ( and this in some form or fashion is what was used on me during a chat with the FBI on the app Nextdoor when I was proximity hacked by the several corrupt members of the FBI using the Garland Police car proximity hacking my house:
"This allowed the FBI to position its stingray in the neighborhood where Rigmaiden resided. The stingray then "broadcast a very strong signal" to force the air card into connecting to it, instead of reconnecting to a legitimate cell tower, so that agents could then triangulate signals coming from the air card and zoom-in on Rigmaiden's location.
To make sure the air card connected to the FBI's simulator, Rigmaiden says that Verizon altered his air card's Preferred Roaming List so that it would accept the FBI's stingray as a legitimate cell site and not a rogue site, and also changed a data table on the air card designating the priority of cell sites so that the FBI's fake site was at the top of the list."

TIME's Article, "The FBI Is in Crisis. It’s Worse Than You Think"

"The bureau has massive power, and as a result, it has strict rules."
a latter part of an excerpt from the same article,
"In September, Horowitz found that bureau investigators had allowed employees with dubious polygraph results to keep their top-secret clearances for months or even years, posing “potential risks to U.S. national security.” In one instance, an FBI IT specialist with top-secret security clearance failed four polygraph tests and admitted to having created a fictitious Facebook account to communicate with a foreign national, but received no disciplinary action for that. In late 2016, Horowitz found that the FBI was getting information it shouldn’t have had access to when it used controversial parts of the Patriot Act to obtain business records in terrorism and counterintelligence cases."

Article written by Eric Lichtblau for TIME Magazine and published on May 3, 2018, (

The TIME Magazine's article specifically says, "Created a fictitious Facebook account to communicate with..."
It leads you to believe, if a member of the FBI created a fictitious Facebook account to communicate with... anyone...appears is a problem. And we are talking ONE FICTITIOUS FACEBOOK ACCOUNT in the above referenced article.

The corrupt members of the FBI who are hacking me, does anyone understand how many fictitious Facebook and Nextdoor accounts they had and have used on just me? Fake Reddit accounts created just to follow the evidence I posted on Reddit. And the only reason they do that? Is to try to get me banned from each subreddit I post the evidence of FBI issued Verizon Wireless devices hacking me, by telling everyone I am paranoid schizophrenic, literally.

And this is the FBI of the United States? Like wow. How embarrassing. Then literally like relentless clockwork, the corrupt members of the FBI telling me I am a Paranoid Schizophrenic and continue hacking me.

Email #4 from FBI Hackers, hacking me since June 2017 using Garland Police car

If I am such a liar and a fake, why are so many members of the FBI (all across the US) hacking me? I don't think anyone would go to the great measures, such as exhibited by these several corrupt members of the FBI, for a so-called "fake" anything.
What exactly was it that you guys are constantly claiming I am a "fake", anyway? Oh right I am a fake Website Developer....

Bonnie Cox in Sachse, TX

I believe the main ringleader of this organized crime stemming from the FBI is due to a member of the FBI being the son of Bonnie Cox in Sachse, TX.

Sachse Police Badge on Jim Cox (sachse) Twitter profile

The main ringleader of this organized crime has strong familial ties to Bonnie Cox & Jim Cox (James Anthony Cox, Sr) in Sachse, TX. On top of that, Jim Cox has this Sachse Police badge as a picture on his Twitter profile uploaded to his Twitter account in 2016.

A corrupt member of the FBI who is also hacking me has told me that I am harrassing everyone online, while he uses a fake profile on Reddit, following me around on Reddit trying desperately, to impugne the evidence I post of the FBI hacking my website, while at the same time, literally hacking my website.

I literally don't know where that guy (corrupt member of the FBI & ringleader) gets his gal from... but this information posted on my Intellectual Property about Bonnie and Jim Cox is not meant to harrass them. I don't want to publish anything, about anyone, ever. I literally do not care who this corrupt member of the FBI actually is, who his family member is, or who he is. I don't care. I further do not care what his problem is with me... I do not know him. I have never met him or his family. I wish I did not even know he existed.

This information is simply published so that I can get the crimes to stop, however that ends up happening in the end. But rest assured, it happens, every single person with knowledge of these crimes gets arrested and prosecuted. You all get prosecuted for this organized crime committed against my family since I was hacked by several corrupt members of the FBI using the Garland Police car (Lic Plate: DKY-1559). And I guess, even knowing all of that? You continue to commit this organized crime against my family?

I will never understand why anyone chose to continue these crimes? Even knowing you eventually get arrested and prosecuted. That includes everyone, including Bonnie and Jim Cox, Sachse City Council, and although I could continue naming names and entities, I will stop here, but etc, etc, etc.... I will personally see to it, every single person gets arrested and prosecuted for this organized crime against my family.

What has happened to the FBI? The FBI must be fixed! Oh my gosh! Shame on every single one of you. This is the reason, many corrupt members of the FBI will not be in the FBI after this....

Michael E. Horowitz

I am desperately trying to get Michael E. Horowitz's (Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice) attention to enlist his help with this ongoing problem of organized crime talking place to myself and my family, preventing me from working and supporting my family since June 2017, from several corrupt members across the US in the FBI and also involving many dirty cops at Garland Police Dept, Sachse Police Dept and the Texas Rangers.

Thousands of crimes have been committed here, just to name a few, entrapment, obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, withholding evidence, deleting evidence, deleting two of my police reports I filed with my own police dept, altering evidence, planting evidence, hacking me (illegally) with FBI stingray, damaging my property, willful property destruction, illegally tapping all of my phones, several false arrests, etc...all in an effort to commit organized crime against my family since June 2017.

Not to mention Identity Theft (for acting as myself on my online accounts, i.e. logging into my accounts as myself), Federal computer crimes and Intellectual Property crimes across all of my websites since June 2017, including the one's I lost along the way, which was every single website I owned in June 2017. Also, includes each computer and device I lost along the way, which is every computer I owned in June 2017, including but not limited to both of my cell phones.

In each instance (each federal charge), the crimes constitute a felony (each), due to the monetary damages the corrupt members of the FBI have caused since hacking me in June 2017.

Guys, that is a lot of criminal charges.

I have realized the only way to make the crimes finally stop, is to enlist the help of Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice. Not a chance, the crimes will stop otherwise. I have tried everything and let yall steal two Christmas's from my three kids, as you guys relentlessly hack me and mock me, still, to this very moment.

And if it is not a crime to Interfere with Electronic Communication to a member of Public Safety, the same way it is a crime to Interfere with a 911 Call? If that truly is the case, then hopefully that precident will be set with this case. The corrupt members of the FBI who are hacking me have prevented hundreds of my electronic communciation attempts with law enforcement and/or public safety in order to continue perpetrating this organized crime against my family since June. These corrupt members of the FBI are still preventing me from getting help from anyone via repeated attempts, still to this day.

Spectrum Installation, October 2017

You guys also stole my Father's external hard drive from the inside of my house. The specifics of that story I will not be getting into now. Rest assured, I know that was the corrupt members of the FBI, who will each be charged with such respective crimes, taking place at my house in October 2017, it is organized crime, for which you will, each, be prosecuted for.

City of Sachse Hacking Me

And to top it off, City of Sachse IP address is hacking my website today on 12/27/18. Like why is the City of Sachse hacking my website again?

Sachse Police Badge on Jim Cox (sachse) Twitter profile

I found when this hack was implemented yesterday... from City of Sachse, and I do believe this would be one particular member of the FBI, getting desperate. This dude only, and constantly misjudges me.

I wish he would get the picture here. Really am wishing this guy (corrupt member of the FBI with strong familial ties to Sachse, TX) would get the freaking picture.

The City of Sachse IP Address hacking me again, only increases the liablility of the City of Sachse. Do you think it would be wise, to go around increasing the City of Sachse's significant laibility to my family? Like seriously?

City & County of Denver Hacking Me on Sunday, 12/30/18

Why would City & County of Denver be literally hacking my website ever? But especially on a Sunday?

City & County of Denver Hacking Me on Sunday 12/30/18


Please note, anyone with knowledge of several corrupt members of the FBI hacking me illegally since June 2017? GOES TO FEDERAL PRISON!! This includes people in Sachse, Garland, Dallas and Colorado and all of the corrupt members of the FBI hacking me from across the United States. And every single day the crimes go on? Is more federal charges for your time in FEDERAL PRISON. I really do not think Bonnie & Jim Cox want to go to federal prison longer than they have to. Why are you morons still hacking me???

Oh, I know why...because they cannot hack me from City of Sachse anymore on a
A lot, and when I say a lot, I mean significantly more than 20 corrupt members of the FBI go to Federal Prison for these crimes against my family and a bunch of people in Sachse.

Denver City and County Building – Denver, CO, USA

Now City & County of Denver, Colorado is liable to my family for monetary damages relating to the several corrupt members of the FBI illegally hacking my websites (Intellectual Property) since June 2017. This hack has caused my family, my three children to go without two Christmas's. Shame on the corrupt members of the FBI illegally hacking me and the idiot at City & County of Denver for giving a corrupt member of the FBI access to their webserver thereby allowing him to perpetrate more organized crime against my family. Thereby making Denver City and County liable to my family for monetary damages.

This is why the FBI, nor City & County of Denver, nor City of Sachse should be engaging in organzied crime against my family, ever! This is not rocket science.

Feel free to lookup this evidence of City and County of Denver hacking my website on a Sunday, featured on Reddit in Denver, Colorado.


Fake Reddit alias "j1mm1ck3r" also a corrupt member of the FBI commenting, on December 17, 2018, underneath the posted evidence of the corrupt members of the FBI hacking me using their FBI issued Verizon Wireless devices all over Reddit.

Reddit comment - hoping to harass cities, hoping they pay her

"oh she hopes to harrass several cities thinking it'll somehow make them pay her a 'shut-up' fee of 10+ million."

Reddit comment - golddigging sociopath

"She has zero evidence. She is nothing more than a gold-digging sociopath."

I am a gold-digging sociopath?

Golddigger image

A sociopath, is characterized as an antisocial personality disorder.

Definition: A mental health disorder characterized by disregard for other people.

I am a gold-digging sociopath? Like, wow. This comment said on Reddit on 12/17/18, before City & County of Denver Colorado was hacking me on a Sunday (12/30/18).

Same dude hacking me from City & County of Denver --- on a

Sociopath? Wait....feels like deja the same FBI hacker sent me an email on 10/15/18 and told me I am a Paranoid Sociopath... View that email he wrote me here.

I am a Gold-digging sociopath? Or you are a corrupt member of the FBI hacking me since June 2017?

Revealed: Two Secret Cogs In The FBI National Surveillance Machine

The following information was gathered from and article on regarding an investigative report done by Forbes magazine, by Thomas Brewster a member of Forbes Staff and published on Feb 21, 2018. I have paraphrased the most important parts to the FBI hacking me. You can read the full article, here.


The Data Intercept Technology Unit (DITU, pronounced DEE-too) is a unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States, which is responsible for intercepting telephone calls and e-mail messages of terrorists and foreign intelligence targets inside the US.

DITU, part of the Operational Technology Division in Quantico, Virginia, is one of the most clandestine divisions within the FBI, helping gather crucial data for investigations and intelligence. The OTD is the overarching body that oversees bleeding edge tech development for the entire FBI.

Collections Operations Group

The FBI confirmed to Forbes that the COG is a sub-unit within DITU. What kinds of equipment does the COG build and deploy in order to capture data? Sources who previously worked in the national intelligence community say it was probably technology such as pole-mounted boxes that capture wireless network traffic, or devices installed at ISPs that vacuum up data.

WiFi Group

As for the WiFi Group, it's another DITU sub-unit "responsible for the deployment and installation of communications equipment to support ongoing criminal, counter-terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence investigations," according to a FOIA response for another CDW contract. That 2014 deal, for unspecified surveillance equipment, was worth just $26,571.


One former intelligence agency analyst who reviewed the information Forbes gathered on the COG and DITU said it appeared they were carrying out signals intelligence (SIGINT), the collection and analysis of traffic as it crosses the internet. This, intelligence geeks know, falls under the charter and thus is typically the domain of the NSA, not the FBI. (This may simply come down to semantics; SIGINT could apply to any form of data collection and analysis. Some disagree the FBI is collecting and analyzing giant sets of internet data like other government intel agencies. As one source put it: "They are not doing hardcore, NSA-type SIGINT").

FBI Technology

The preceeding information is crucial to learning about the intricate technology that has been hacking me every moment of the day, since June 2017.

I must be able to work and feed my kids! And with all of this information, almost everything that I have learned posted publicly, they are still hacking me! And as a consequence of continuing to hack me, I am learning more and more about what they are doing to me each time they come to my website, it is in a combined, collaborative effort to hack me. I am learning how they have access to everything I am doing online, on my websites, they re-configure my server (of my website) so that it is misconfigured.

Intercepting My Internet

I know they are intecepting my internet traffic to and from my home wifi and to and from my own website and they are doing this using a significant amount of IP addresses, making a significant amount of data that is actually evidence that will be used against them.

Sarah Bucklew and my 3 kids, Sachse, TX

Help me contact Michael E. Horowitz (, since I cannot contact him due to my internet traffic being intercepted by several corrupt members of the FBI hacking me. You send him an email for me? Please? Help me!

Someone make the crimes stop!

I have three kids and I cannot call 911. I cannot call 911 in an emergency, only due to this organized crime against my family!

One of the members of the FBI who is reading this and hacking me, someone, please help me, make these crimes stop!

Send him an email -

State Farm IP Bloomington, Illinois

State Farm is a large group of insurance and financial services companies throughout the United States with corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois.

So why is a State Farm IP address hacking me?

ISP is issued to :State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company  - State Farm IP Address in  Bloomington, Illinois Hacking my website on 1-2-19

This is not a visit to my website by in Bloomington, Illinois, this IP is a straight hack to my website, in a effort to intercept all of my network traffic and prevent me from getting help. For which, even someone at State Farm will be prosecuted for.

ISP Route

I can now see, you guys are hacking the route my ISP takes from my computer to the social media accounts, using my own websites. This became extrememly evident when you started to translate the IP's on my website, and literally synced up with my sister's T-mobile cell phone. Because that is what the FBI Verizon Wireless mobile devices show you... You thought that IP had to have been mine. And I can see how this was all implemented and how you literally intercept the route my IP takes to different sites, like for example, Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter and Reddit. You even do this with the route my encrypted emails send an email and are able to intecept any email or communication, incoming or outgoing, and I should (technically) never know the difference. Except I literally, know you are intercepting my emails and preventing me from contacting anyone.

And by knowing the exact route my ISP takes to any website, you can thus intercept the network traffic. You can control everything I do, or that my wesbite shows to anyone. The only downside for you corrupt members of the FBI, is, it takes a lot of your IP's to accomplish this feat. Thus making ample data of your FBI issued Verizon Wireless mobile devices to prove this is exactly what is ocurring.

If you do not help me? You are prolonging the crimes you will be charged with? You are busted....stop prolonging your the Federal criminal charges you will face as a result of the choices you are making now, only means you will face longer sentencing for being caught and still trying to hack me. It is a waste of time to continue hacking me, and only adding to the Federal criminal charges you will each be charged with. Why? I must be able to work and feed my kids. And you guys want more Federal criminal charges to be charges with when you do get arrested? Why?

I literally must be able to work to feed and clothe my children!!

Still Not a Wordpress Developer

I am not a Wordpress Developer

On January 2, 2019, I am still not a Wordpress Developer...

Not a Wordpress Developer

Today, January 10, 2019, I am still not a Wordpress Developer...

The Playpen Investigation

Playpen: The Story of the FBI’s Unprecedented and Illegal Hacking Operation

Playpen: The Story of the FBI’s Unprecedented and Illegal Hacking Operation


The FBI Hacked My Facebook

Hacked by the FBI on Facebook

Meet My Hackers

John Proffer, Ted Kinzer, Charlie Ross, Jeff Cox, Sarah Bucklew in Sachse's hackers

These four guys along with several members of the FBI have been hacking me since June 2017, when I was hacked by the GarlandPD car. These are the other four hackers that I know about.
There may be even more than four. Jeff Cox, Charlie Ross, Ted Kinzer, and John Proffer.

Jeff Cox, Teqnavi answer to my allegations on reddit John Proffer answer to my allegations on reddit

Read First Email to Me From FBI Hacker(s) on 10/15/2018

The FBI hacker(s) have been hacking me every single second since June 2017, but yet, my FBI hackers have never emailed me until 10/15/2018. Then sent me 4 more emails in the next 4 days. Read those emails.

FBI Hackers Email to me #1

Read Email #1, Email #2, Email #3, Email #4, Email #5.

meet c++ hacker, Jeff Cox meet api hacker, John Proffer

Each computer or device is a seperate charge. Which means even the $1,000 computer the Expert Witness (FBI) bought me on May 1, 2018, IS A SEPERATE FIRST DEGREE FELONY!

First Degree Felony Breach of Computer Security (aggregate amount involved is $300,000 (cont.) or more, or the actor obtains the identifying information of another by accessing more than one computer, computer network, or computer system).

Aggregate amount is well over $500,000. The purpose of the crime was to defraud us of our businesses, which could only be done by hacking everything I own. You are still hacking everything I own to prevent me from working and earning income. And the publicly elected officials are still participating in the organized crimes over a year-in-a-half later.

My hackers are committing multiple first degree felony's on a daily basis since June 2017, in organized crime. And still have yet to stop.

If you are reading this page and you have information that could help me? Please feel free to contact me at (972) 656-9107 or via email at anytime. I am willing to pay a substantial finders fee from my settlement with the City of Garland and City of Sachse for someone helping me get some help from a contact at the FBI or any police agency.

Ken Werstern, Special Agent FBI Oaklahoma City

The hackers call me crazy, like 10-15 comments under my Facebook posts of this article and tell me I am crazy. Yet they spend the next 4 hours straight hacking me hard-core. I will not sit back as my house literally goes into foreclosure because I have been hacked non-stop since June 2017.

My children literally did not get a Christmas last year because I was hacked and could not work. I am still fighting with the hacker(s) every single day. My children want a Christmas! Our entire lives will not be destroyed because of these crimes and several cops covering the crimes up. The police officers involved in covering up this organized crime, get prosecuted.

wp login searches

you need help comment

Do not tell me I am crazy about an article I wrote, which is verbatim what you guys have done to me for over a year now. You guys did those things, you are still hacking me every second of the day, and you all get prosecuted for it.

You guys are trying so hard to destroy our lives! Why? I don't care why. YOU GO TO JAIL FOR THESE CRIMES! STOP HACKING ME!!! You do not steal from my three kids and get away with it because of several dirty cops.

You cannot steal from my family, you cannot reconfigure my server. You cannot access my accounts as me. It is identity theft and first degree computer crimes. Stop!!

This is illegal, organized crime and public corruption and every single person involved gets prosecuted for it.

The FBI investigates this because it is illegal, organized crime, public corruption and very sophisticated cyber crimes every single day since June 2017, which is the reason my children are going without and my house is going into foreclosure. You guys go to jail for this. This is many, many first degree felonies.

My children have been going and are going without...because of you...and you are busted Washington, DC. You will wish you had just agreed and stopped hacking me months ago, a year ago.

So my (FBI) hackers hate me, for literally no reason? Wow. The (FBI) hackers I have never met, hate me for no reason? Hating me does not keep them from going to jail. It makes sense they hate me...several of them are members of the FBI go to jail for this. I would hate me, too. I would hate that you got busted DC.

FBI Verizon Wireless Cell Phone hacking me registered to Washington DC Verizon FBI

SMU hacking me... 11/12/18

Gorfida at SMU

Collin County hacking the Sachse Police url hardcore... 11/12/18

Collin County Hacking Me

UT Dallas hacking the Dallas DA url on 11/28/18

Dallas UTD Hacking Me
John Proffer in Wylie Hacking Sarah Bucklew

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FBI hacking me

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